Our Rooms

• Quiet area – all children are welcome to take naps in the quiet and comfortable quiet areas if and when they
need to.
• Baby area – sensory experiences and cause and effect toys.
• Role play area – an area that regularly changes to reflect the theme the children are following and allows their
imagination to come to life. One week it might be a hospital or a farm while the next it could be a hairdressers,
a florist or an ice cream parlour. In addition to our ever changing role play area, we also have a designated
‘home corner’ filled with things you’d find around the house giving children the chance to re-invent their home
• Investigation area – literacy, phonics and science.
• Access to garden – outdoor experiences, play equipment and mud kitchens.
• Messy play area – a place to do the things that aren’t so practical at home and explore different textures such
as: sand, water, cornflour and even baked beans, shaving foam and custard.
• Free-flow snack area – once weaned, children are encouraged to enjoy healthy snacks throughout the day.
• Construction area – be it blocks, tyres, boxes or crates, children at all developmental stages can construct and
create at their own level.
• Art and craft/fine motor skill area – pegs, hammers and magnets as well as paints, feathers, junk modelling and
play dough.
• IT & Technology area – children have access to age appropriate technology and programmable toys.

Our positive behaviour policy is based on a book called ‘The Colour Monster’ by Anna Llenas which helps the children understand and identify their own emotions by associating them with a colour. In keeping with this our rooms also offer a quiet Reflection Area which is an area that children can spend time in when they need to get in touch with their feelings. Equally they learn to associate colours with different areas, instructions or activities.