Our Food Programme

Meal times are a key learning opportunity within each nursery day. All special dietary requirements
are strictly adhered to whilst ensuring a variety of food is on offer. Our seasonal food program changes
twice a year with 11 different daily menus to rotate through.

We pride ourselves on serving healthy, nutritious and enjoyable food to our children. Our in house
chef prepares food on site for both Chichester and Bersted while Brinsbury takes advantage of the
onsite caterers. Feeding routines for babies are followed according to parent’s instructions, ensuring
consistency and working together for a smooth transition on to solid foods when the time comes.

Not only is it important for children to enjoy a nutritionally balanced meal, but we encourage children
to develop healthy social habits as well. Meal times take place sat at a table with their peers learning to
use cutlery and children quickly start to enjoy discussing what’s on the menu and trying new tastes.

(CLICK HERE to see an example of our menus)