Located at the foot of the South Downs and headed up by joint Nursery Managers Kim Frost & Raina Eldridge First Steps Worthing has been established as a nursery for more than 10 years. Situated in a convenient central location for parents working in Worthing or surrounding areas, and located a few minutes’ walk from the local park which allows the opportunity for children to explore their wider world.

Each of our four rooms are bright, open plan spaces with lots of natural light. The children can start nursery from birth in Little Eggs where they will be supported in the transition from home to nursery with engaging sensory activities. Then they will move their way up through Caterpillars and Blossom before finally entering our Butterflies room which is set up to help prepare children for starting school. Each room offers age and stage appropriate toys and planned activities that give them a wide variety of learning within their environment.

At Worthing, the outside is as much of a learning space as the inside – so the nursery features a large outdoor space, separated into two free-flow gardens, to give children independence in their play.

With regular Forest School inspired activities, we encourage all of our children to explore the outdoors and gain new experiences in the fresh air as part of their development. We understand the love for getting messy in the sand pit, climbing up, down and through tunnels and apparatus or zipping around on our tricycles and we support this in a happy, safe and secure environment.

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The role play area is an area that regularly changes to reflect the children’s current interests. One week it might be a hospital or a farm while the next it could be a hairdressers or an ice cream parlour. We also have a designated ‘home corner’ fully equipped with the things you’d find around the house giving children the chance to re-invent their home lives. 

Babies and very young children enjoy exploring textures. We make sure to offer them a range of interesting sensory experiences as well as a variety of 'cause and effect' toys.

In our construction areas you can find blocks, tyres, boxes or crates and children at all developmental stages can construct and create at their own level.