What’s for lunch?

20th June 2016

We pride ourselves on serving healthy, balanced, nutritious and, most of all, yummy food to our children. Our seasonal menu changes twice a year offering 11 different daily menus.

Meal times are a key learning opportunity in the nursery day. Each child sits at a table with their peers and they are encouraged to use crockery and cutlery as well as serve themselves the two course meal with a staff member providing support.  Not only is it important for children to have a balanced diet to grow and develop healthily but we believe the social aspect of a meal time is also crucial. At First Steps we find that our children very quickly enjoy and look forward to the experience of sitting and eating together, discussing what’s on the menu and often trying new tastes for the first time.

Watch this space for more information on the food we serve, the team behind it and maybe even a preview of our newest menus which will launch across all three nurseries in September.